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Melissa Mae Dillon's transformative journey from modest tutoring to earning $90,000 a month is a powerful narrative of self-belief.

In this post, we will explore the inspiring journey of Melissa Mae Dillon, a Zenler user who went from offering $33/hour tutoring to earning $90,000 per month. We will delve into her unique approach to content creation, her belief in embracing imperfection, and her success with Zenler's learning management system.

Key points of this Blog Post

  • Melissa Mae Dillon's journey from $33/hour tutoring to earning $90,000 per month
  • Embracing imperfection and not needing a specific strategy to make money
  • The power of belief and manifestation in attracting opportunities and abundance
  • Leveraging Zenler's learning management system to organize and sell existing content
  • Creating packages and bundles based on different pricing tiers and video lengths
  • The importance of consistency and taking action when available
  • Overcoming struggles and trusting that everything is working out for your favor
  • Hiring people to do tasks you don't love or are not good at
  • Focusing on the next right step rather than planning years in advance
  • The power of authenticity and finding what feels good and playful
  • The importance of hiring people for tasks you don't love or are not good at
  • Transitioning from one-on-one tutoring to group classes
  • Offering a variety of courses based on different topics and lengths
  • Creating a course structure that allows students to watch videos in a logical order
  • The importance of writing and live classes for authenticity and engagement
  • The existence of competition but the belief that there is no such thing as a saturated market

These points cover Melissa's approach to content creation, her belief in manifestation, her success with Zenler, and her overall philosophy on making money and growing her business.

Embracing Imperfection

Melissa started her business by selling recordings of her live classes, without waiting to create perfectly edited videos1. This willingness to embrace imperfection and start with what she had allowed her to build an audience and monetize her content organically.

She defied conventional norms and strategies, forging her own authentic path. For example, she didn't follow the "rules" of consistent posting or perfectly edited videos on YouTube1. Instead, she focused on what felt right for her and created content in her unique style.

Melissa talks about the power of authenticity and "being authentically me"1. The more she stayed true to herself, the more her truth came out, and the more she attracted what she wanted.

She mentions having pink and yellow hair, wearing spaghetti strap tops 99% of the time, and not looking like a typical "insurance corporate worker"1. Yet, this authentic expression of herself resonated with her audience and contributed to her success in helping people pass insurance exams.

Melissa encourages others to "let go of control" and allow people to do things their way, even if it's different from how you would do it1. She emphasizes that it's not the end of the world if things aren't done exactly your way, as long as they are functional and get the job done.

In essence, Melissa's journey highlights the power of originality, embracing imperfection, and staying true to your authentic self, rather than conforming to prescribed norms or strategies. Her success demonstrates that being unapologetically yourself can resonate deeply with your audience and lead to remarkable achievements.

The Best Learning Management System
Making Money: $90K Months with Zenler 🚀

The Power of Belief and Manifestation

The Power of Belief and Manifestation: How Melissa Mae Dillon's Journey to $90K Months with Zenler Proves the Power of MindsetMelissa Mae Dillon's inspiring journey from $33/hour tutoring to earning $90,000 per month with Zenler is a testament to the power of belief and manifestation. Her success story is a powerful reminder that our mindset plays a crucial role in achieving our goals.

  1. Breaking Free from Limiting Beliefs
    Melissa believed that she could only make money by working for a corporate company, but she later realized that she could create her own business and reach a wider audience.
  2. The Power of Manifestation
    Melissa was introduced to the concept of manifestation through Christine Michelle's Limitless program. By focusing on her goals and aligning her thoughts with her desires, she was able to attract opportunities and abundance.
  3. Embracing Imperfection
    Melissa didn't wait for perfect videos or editing to start her YouTube channel. She embraced imperfection and started with what she had, which allowed her to build a loyal audience and monetize her content.
  4. The Role of Authenticity
    Melissa's unique teaching style and authenticity resonated with her audience, which contributed to her success. She didn't try to conform to a specific strategy or format, but rather focused on what felt right for her.
  5. Scaling with Zenler
    Zenler's learning management system helped Melissa manage her courses, students, and finances efficiently, allowing her to scale her business and reach new heights in her earnings.

Melissa's success was not just about her strategies but also about her belief in herself and her ability to make money. She invested in personal development, learning from mentors like Christine Michelle, who taught her the importance of aligning her thoughts and actions with her goals. This mindset shift helped her attract opportunities and abundance.

Zenler: The Best Learning Management System for Making Money

Melissa Mae Dillon's story is an inspiring testament to the power of belief
Using Zenler to fly to New Heights!

Zenler, a leading learning management system (LMS), has played a crucial role in making Melissa Mae Dillon's online courses SEO friendly and accessible to a wider audience. By leveraging Zenler's platform, Melissa has been able to:

  1. Organize her video content: Zenler allows Melissa to categorize her videos into different sections, making it easier for students to navigate and find the content they need.
  2. Sell her existing content: Zenler's user-friendly interface enables Melissa to sell her existing video content as courses, allowing her to monetize her expertise and reach a larger audience.
  3. Create packages and bundles: Zenler's platform allows Melissa to offer different pricing tiers and combinations of her courses, catering to various student needs and preferences.
  4. Manage her courses and students: Zenler's efficient tools help Melissa manage her courses, students, and finances, freeing up time to focus on content creation and growth.
  5. Streamline her operations: With Zenler, Melissa can easily manage her courses and finances, enabling her to scale her business and reach new heights in her earnings.

By utilizing Zenler's features, Melissa has been able to create a seamless learning experience for her students, while also making her courses more discoverable through search engines. This has played a significant role in her success, as she has been able to reach a wider audience and grow her online education business.

Zenler played a pivotal role in Melissa's journey. With its user-friendly platform, she could efficiently manage her courses, students, and finances. This allowed her to scale her business and focus on content creation, ultimately leading to her financial success.

    Key Takeaways

    Melissa's story is a testament to the power of authenticity, embracing imperfection, and believing in oneself. Her success with Zenler demonstrates that the right tools and mindset can help entrepreneurs and content creators achieve financial freedom. By following her example and leveraging the capabilities of Zenler, you too can turn your passion into a profitable business.

    • Believing you can make $100,000 by doing what you loves
    • Getting the idea to start a YouTube channel teaching insurance exam concepts
    • Joining a group of women entrepreneurs and connecting with Christine Michelle
    • The importance of having a team to help with tasks like emailing
    • Believing that money will flow when doing what you love and are passionate about
    • Initially selling recordings of her live classes on Zenler without perfect editing
    • Creating different pricing packages ($27, $57, $97) for different amounts of video content
    • Embracing imperfection and using existing content instead of remaking everything
    • Traveling while her team manages the business
    • Helping her sister set up an evergreen course on Zenler
    • The belief that money comes when just being yourself and doing your passion
    • Hiring people for tasks she doesn't enjoy or isn't good at
    • Understanding there will always be struggles alongside the joys
    • Not viewing tough times as being on the wrong path
    • Prioritizing hiring for tasks that are not her strengths
    • The "messy launch" approach of starting imperfectly then cleaning it up later
    • Changing limiting beliefs that don't serve you
    • Leveraging different techniques like EFT, tapping, therapy to change beliefs
    • Authenticity in showing up as your true self (e.g. live videos for Melissa)
    • No such thing as a saturated market because you are unique
    • Viewing the quantum field of infinite possibilities to manifest your desired reality
    • Taking action on ideas instead of overthinking
    • Difficulty in objectively seeing your own path compared to advising others

    Melissa Mae Dillon's approach:

    From our Live Workshop which is free to our members!
    From our Live Workshop which is free to our members!
    1. Identify Your Passion and Expertise
      Melissa emphasizes the importance of focusing on what you are truly passionate about and have expertise in, rather than trying to make money from something you think will sell but don't genuinely enjoy.1
    2. Start with What You Have
      Don't wait for perfection or ideal conditions. Start by leveraging your existing content or knowledge, even if it's imperfect or unedited. Melissa began by selling recordings of her live classes without worrying about editing.1
    3. Embrace Authenticity
      Stay true to your unique style and approach. Melissa defied conventional norms like consistent posting schedules or perfectly edited videos, and her authenticity resonated with her audience.1
    4. Believe in Abundance
      Cultivate a mindset of abundance and manifestation. Melissa's belief that money would flow when doing what she loved and was passionate about played a crucial role in her success.1
    5. Leverage the Right Tools
      Utilize platforms and tools that align with your philosophy and enable you to efficiently manage your offerings. Melissa used Zenler to organize, package, and sell her existing video content.1
    6. Outsource and Delegate
      As your business grows, outsource tasks that are not your strengths or passions to focus on your core competencies. Melissa built a team to handle tasks she didn't enjoy.1
    7. Adapt and Evolve
      Be open to change and willing to pivot your strategies as needed. Melissa transitioned from one-on-one tutoring to group classes and created different pricing packages based on audience demand.1
    8. Trust the Process
      Understand that struggles and challenges are part of the journey. Don't view tough times as signs that you're on the wrong path. Trust that everything is working out in your favor.1

    The key takeaway is to align your passion, beliefs, and actions while staying true to your authentic self and leveraging the right tools and mindset to turn your expertise into a profitable business.

    Unlock Your Earning Potential with Zenler: The LMS That Helped Melissa Make $90K Months

    Melissa Mae Dillon went from offering $33/hour tutoring to earning a staggering $90,000 per month by leveraging the power of Zenler. As an online educator and the "Insurance Exam Queen," Melissa's success is a testament to the transformative impact Zenler can have on your business.With Zenler's user-friendly platform, you can:

    • Easily create and sell courses by uploading your existing content (even imperfect videos!)
    • Efficiently manage your students, courses, and finances - freeing you to focus on your passion
    • Package and bundle your offerings in a way that resonates with your audience
    • Scale your business and reach new heights in your earnings

    Don't let limiting beliefs hold you back. Follow in Melissa's footsteps and embrace the simplicity and authenticity that Zenler empowers. Start your journey towards financial freedom today.

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    Melissa Mae Dillon's transformative journey from modest tutoring to earning $90,000 a month is a powerful narrative of self-belief.

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